YOKOGAWA – Data Logging Software GA10

///YOKOGAWA – Data Logging Software GA10
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YOKOGAWA – Data Logging Software GA10

SMARTDAC+ GA10 Data Logging Software is a program for monitoring and recording data from a PC. It saves time and effort by centralizing the monitoring and recording of data from multiple devices across the network on a single PC.

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Product Description

Connectivity with many devices

  • Broad support for data loggers, recorders, temperature controllers, signal conditioners, power monitors, and power meters. Even acquires data from Modbus devices.

Simple settings

  • Simply select a device to connect to and start monitoring (Simple setting mode)
  • Easily configure auto-printing of trend waveforms (Report/print functions optional)

High reliability

  • Auto reconnection when communications are lost, protection of data files up to the moment of power failure
  • Data supplementing function (Backfill function)
  • Server OS support

Easy-to-read screen

  • Wide variety of display screens
  • Real time monitoring

Variety of functions

  • Alarm sound
  • Send via e-mail
  • MATH channels (*option) New!
  • Report printing (*option) New!
  • Standard support for multilogging
  • 2 time modes
  • User privilege settings
  • Add monitoring PCs (client) (*option)
  • OPC-UA server (*option) New!
  • DDE serve


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