///OMEGA – IH101
  • omega-ih101


  • For Structural Dynamic Behavior Analysis
  • Ideal for Generating Known Impulse Forces for Structural Analysis
  • Acceleration Compensated for Accurate Force Measurement
  • Calibration Certificate Supplied
  • Includes Aluminum, Plastic and Rubber Impact Tips
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Product Description

OMEGA’s IH101 Impulse Hammer imparts motion to a test structure with the hammer tip, while simultaneously measuring the magnitude of the impact. This allows for analysis of the dynamic response of the structure being tested. Accelerometers mounted at various locations on the test structure measure the response of the structure. If a Spectrum analyzer or a computer is used, input/response data can display transfer functions and perform modal analysis. The hammer is acceleration compensated, which means that it responds purely to force and is unaffected by the vibration in the hammerhead after impact.

Excitation: 2 mA nominal @ 18 to 30 Vdc, constant current
Rated Output: 5 V nominal FS
Resonant Frequency (@ no load): 50 kHz
Discharge Time Constant:
IH101-10: 5 sec
IH101-50: 20 sec
IH101-100: 50 sec
IH101-500: 170 sec
IH101-1K: 300 sec
Maximum Force:
IH101-10: 200 lb
IH101-50: 1,000 lb
IH101-100: 1,000 lb
IH101-500: 1,000 lb
IH101-1K: 2,000 lb
Stiffness: 8.0 lb/µin
Amplitude Linearity: ±1% FS (BSFL/0)
Temperature Range: -75 to 120°C (-100 to 250°F)
Temperature Sensitivity Effect:0.054% FS/°C (0.03% FS/°F)
Output Impedance: 100 Ω
Bias Voltage: 10 V nominal
Head Weight: 100 grams
Total Weight: 190 grams nominal
Sensor: 17-4 SS
Head: 303 SS
Handle: Fiberglass with rubber grip
Overall Length: 210 mm (8.3″)
Impact Tip Diameter: 6.3 mm (0.25″)
Head Diameter: 16 mm (0.62″)
Connector:BNC (cable not included; order Model No. ACC-CB4)
Calibration: Dynamic comparison by impacting against NIST force sensor


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