OMEGA – FTB700 Series

///OMEGA – FTB700 Series
  • OMEGA - FTB700 Series

OMEGA – FTB700 Series

  • Choice of PVC or Carbon Steel Body
  • High-Accuracy Machined Turbine Internals Removable with Meter in Line
  • Standard Meter Bodies Are Flanged
  • Optional 4-20 mA Transmitter Available – Blind or with Rate and Total Display
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Product Description

OMEGA® FTB700 Series turbine meters have a unique system precisely-machined helical rotors and high-quality jewel bearings. The rotor is the only moving part. Small magnets on the rotor hub are electronically detected by a solid-state Hall-effect sensor outside the wetted area. The turbine rotor uses journal type sapphire and ruby bearings for minimum friction and maximum life. These bearings are ideal for long life in water and water-based fluids, and give exceptional low-flow characteristics. The entire rotor assembly (rotor, hubs, bearings, rotor strut) can be removed from the meter as a single unit without removing the meter from the pipe.

Maximum Working Pressure:
PVC: 150 psi
Carbon Steel: 200 psi
Maximum Temperature:
PVC: 49°C (120°F)
Carbon Steel: 93°C (200°F)
Accuracy: ±1% FS
Signal: Squarewave pulse
Power :6 to 24 Vdc
Meter Body: PVC or carbon steel
Flanges: Van Stone w/steel backing flange for PVC bodies, 150# ANSI for carbon steel bodies
Turbine Rotor: PVDF
Rotor Shafts: Zirconia ceramic
Bearings: Sapphire journal, ruby ball

FTB700-D (Optional Display)
Power: 11 to 24 Vdc, 20 mA max
Rate: 8-digit autorange
Total: 8-digit, selectable decimal
Memory: Non-volatile (no battery needed)
Pulse Output: 0.1 sec, open collector Analog Option 4 to 20 mA, user-programmable

FTB700-T (Optional Blind Transmitter)
Output: 4 to 20 mA
Loop Power: 12 to 26 Vdc (isolated)
Accuracy: ±1%
Response Time: 3 sec, 95% FS

Model No. Pipe Size Flow Rate
Lay Length
FTB720 2″ 2 to 150 60 10″ (254 mm)
FTB730 3″ 3 to 400 10 12″ (305 mm)
FTB740 4″ 6 to 600 5 14″ (356 mm)
FTB760 6″ 12 to 1200 2 18″ (457 mm)
(Carbon Steel Only)
8″ 30 to 3000 2 20″ (508 mm)


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