EMERSON – System Versions

///EMERSON – System Versions
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EMERSON – System Versions

All options provide flexibility: our system expansions.
No matter which box system is the optimum one for your WTG, it can be further optimized here:

  • Lightning/overvoltage protection for motors
  • 3 encoders for sensing the position of the blades
  • Limit switches, 2 per blade, e. g. 91° and 93°
  • Control box for pitching the blades
  • Hub test box incl. simulation software
  • Optional chargers, brake, bus circuit
  • Battery discharge circuit
  • 24 V power pack for additional sensors
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Product Description

The best engineers can count from 3 to 7:
Our system versions.

We have a wide variety of system versions available to ensure that your pitch system is perfectly tailored to the needs of your WTG. This gives us complete flexibility, as well as a high level of efficiency and reliability when it comes to integrating a pitch system in your WTG – regardless of the available room or the construction type of your hub. Our basic package is the 4-Box System. In addition, our engineers develop system versions with 3, 6 and 7 boxes.


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