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EMERSON – K-Factor Transformers

Dry Type, Step Down.
Three Phase. UL Ratings of K-4, K-13 and K-20.
15-500 kVA for K-4, 15-300 kVA for K-13 and K-20.

K-Factor transformers reduce the heating effects of harmonic currents created by loads like electric discharge lighting (K-4), PLCs and solid state controls (K-4), telecommunications equipment (K-13), multi-wire receptacle circuits (K-13), mainframe computer loads (K-20) or solid state motor drives (K-20). The K-Factor rating is an index of the transformer’s ability to withstand harmonic content while operating within the temperature limits of its insulating system. K-Factor transformers have UL ratings of K-4, K-13 and K-20.

These specialized transformers feature conductors capable of carrying the harmonic currents of non-linear loads without exceeding the temperature rating of the insulation system. The basic design takes into account the increase in naturally occurring “stray” losses caused by non-linear loads that can cause standard transformers to dramatically overheat and fail prematurely. The core and coil design manages the DC flux caused by triplen harmonics that can cause core saturation, voltage instability and overheating in a standard transformer. SolaHD’s K-Factor transformers are designed to meet the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Code of Federal Regulations, title 10, part 431 (also known as DOE 10 CFR p431, or DOE 2016).

If you cannot find the exact K-Factor transformer, or are looking for a step up transformer, contact your local SolaHD sales representative about building a custom unit to fit your needs.

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Product Description

Features :

  • Conductors carry the harmonics of a K-rated load without exceeding insulation temperature ratings
  • UL 1561 Listed up to K-20 rated protection
  • Rated temperature rise of 150°C/302°F, 220°C/428°F insulation
  • Shielded for quality power
  • Basic design takes “stray losses” into account, functioning within safe operating temperatures
  • Core and coil design is engineered to manage the zero sequence flux caused by triplen harmonics
  • Provides 100% rated current without overheating the windings or saturating the core
  • Accessories and Optional Design Styles
    • Wall mounting brackets (item WB1C, 500 lbs. maximum)
    • Weather shields (UL-3R, order separately)
    • Totally enclosed, non-ventilated designs (TENV, non-UL)
    • Open core and coil designs (UL Recognized)
    • Low temperature rise units available
    • Copper-wound designs
    • Alternate voltages
    • Compliant to NEMA DOE standards


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