AMETEK – AMC910 Process Calibrator

///AMETEK – AMC910 Process Calibrator
  • AMC910 Process Calibrator

AMETEK – AMC910 Process Calibrator

The AMC910 multi-purpose calibrator is the perfect solution for high precision process, temperature, and pressure calibrations, as it combines the power and features of a laboratory calibrator, with the addition of an isolated measurement channel. This flexibility means that only one electrical calibrator is needed to provide versatility, performance, and value.

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Product Description

In addition, you can store up to 9 set points for each output range, which can be selected manually, or automatically stepped at timed intervals.  Operation is done through an intuitive, easy-to-operate user interface.  For automatic production testing, computer control is available through RS232 or IEEE-488 interface.

Use an AMC910 to:

• Source voltage to 100V, with ± 0.003% of reading
• Source current to 100mA with ± 0.005% of reading
• Source / Read 13 thermocouples to ± 0.14°C
• Source 9 RTDs to ± 0.05°C, and Read to ± 0.02°C
• Read pressure to ± 0.025% of reading with APM external pressure modules

With the isolated measurement channel:

• Read voltage (10V and 100V DC ranges to ± 0.005%)
• Read current (0 to 50mA to ± 0.01%)
• 24VDC loop power supply
• Selectable 250 ohm HART resistor


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