• Power generation, process automation, and factory automation in manufacturing industries require rigorous, continuous monitoring in the control room. The GX series is Yokogawa's latest recorder offering for industrial automation.

    The GX series is an industry-first multi-point touch panel, to improve intuitive and smart operator control. Users can scroll, pan, zoom historical data, and even write freehand messages on its dust-proof and water-proof display. The Yokogawa GX series delivers industry leading reliability and measurement accuracy. Its custom graphics accommodates application or process-specific displays, while a wide range of communication protocols guarantee compatibility with your network architecture. It's simple for operators to view and retrieve past data with automatic email and FTP notifications.

  • The model FLEXA® two-wire analyzer is used for continuous on-line measurements in industrial installations. It offers an option for single or dual sensor measurement, making it the most flexible 2-wire analyzer available.

  • The IR200 infrared gas analyzer is capable of measuring the concentrations of CO2, CO, CH4, SO2, NO and O2 components in sample gas. CO2, CO, CH4, SO2 and NO are measured by the non-dispersive infrared method (NDIR), while O2 is measured by the paramagnetic or zirconia method. A maximum of 4 components including O2 (up to 3 components except for O2measurement) are simultaneously measurable.

    A high-sensitivity mass flow sensor is adopted in the detection unit for the infrared method. Due to use of a single beam system for measurement, maintenance is easy and excellent stability is ensured for a long period of time. In addition, the IR200 has a large-size liquid crystal display, providing easy operation, high accuracy and multiple functions.

    This analyzer is thus optimum for combustion control of various industrial furnaces, botanical study and global atmospheric research.

  • The IR100TA and IR100A, dedicated for analysis of either CO2, CO, or CH4, the IR100TB and the IR100B, dedicated for simultaneous analysis of CO2 and CO, are available. The analyzers are easy to maintain and works steadily over long periods.

    The ideal application of these analyzers are continuous measurement for the control and monitoring of combustion in various industrial furnaces as well as continuous measurement for the study of plants.

  • The model US300FM is an ultrasonic flowmeter for measuring liquid flow in a fully filled pipe. With the advanced signal processing and correlation detection method, US300FM provides fast, accurate, and no-zero offset flow measurements in clean to dirty fluids.

    Comes with transducers in three sizes that accommodate pipe sizes from 25mm to 6500mm

  • The model US300PM is a portable ultrasonic flowmeter for measuring liquid flow in a fully filled pipe. With the advanced signal processing and correlation detection method, US300PM provides fast, accurate, and no-zero offset flow measurements in clean to dirty fluids.

    The usage of US300PM is not only for the maintenance and the check of your facilities but also for the measurements at laboratories or manufacturing line. The transducers are made for harsh industrial environment.

    Equipped with a rechargeable battery that can operate for up to 14 hours on a single charge. Comes with an AC adapter.

  • The FX1000 paperless recorder exceeds customer expectations for quality, high performance and capability—at a price that meets the needs of a cost-sensitive market. FX1000 combines a clear view of process data with highly reliable recording and efficient data access. Network file transfer and web browser viewing improves efficiency and saves time. In addition, FX1000 has the ability to monitor power consumption and record energy usage for diagnostic, preventative maintenance and cost savings.

  • These sensors are used for early detection of changes in vibrations of machinery. Early detection is critical in preventing damage to equipment and the results of costly delays. Vibration sensors can be used on motors, fans, pumps, moderate speed gearboxes, paper machine rolls, compressors and many more applications that use machinery on a daily basis. Vibration sensors are key within the automotive and power generation industries and can be used in just about every industry process worldwide.
  • JUXTA Series Accessories

    • Parameter setting This function enables settings and modification of various parameters of microcomputer-based JUXTA, including input type, input range, output range, and burnout.
    • Program setting This function enables programming of the microcomputer-based JUXTA computing unit (programmable).
    • Collective reading & writing data This function allows the parameters and programs on the microcomputer-based JUXTA to be collectively read and then written to the JUXTA.
    • File management This function allows the programs made with this tool, and the parameters and programs read from the JUXTA to be saved on a PC's hard disk or other media.
    • Data printing This function enables the printing out of programs made with this tool and the reading of parameters and programs from the JUXTA by a printer.
    • Monitoring This function enables the monitoring of inputs to and outputs from the microcomputer-based JUXTA and the results of selfdiagnosis.
    • Calibration This function enables calibration of the microcomputer-based JUXTA's input/outputs.
  • The Problem Legacy OPC connectivity relies heavily upon Microsoft technologies such as DCOM. While it provides effective application integration, DCOM also represents a potential security risk due to the requirement for extensive TCP port usage.

    The Solution Yokogawa has recognized this issue and has developed a secure access mechanism based upon VPN technology that enables the normal operation of legacy OPC connections without the security issues it introduces. Yokogawa customers who wish to provide effective and secure connections to the Process Control Domain can now do so utilizing Yokogawa’s VPN Software Manager ‘Exaquantum/VPN’.

  • This new addition to Yokogawa's highly recognized digital power analyzer product line offers innovative measurement functions which benefit the engineer with electrical power measurements. It is the ideal measurement solution for testing Product Efficiency, and the design of Inverters, Motor Drives, Lighting Systems, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Aircraft Power Systems, Transformer Testing and other power conversion devices.
  • The WT1800E is a flexible and reliable power analyzer that guarantees power accuracy of 0.05% of reading plus 0.05% of range. It is capable of harmonics analysis up to the 500th order of a 50/60 Hz fundamental frequency. With up to 6 input channels, a wide range of display and analysis features, and PC connectivity, the WT1800E can handle broad variety of power efficiency and harmonic analysis requirements.